Pre-Home Sales Advisory Services

Today there is a significant amount of information available on how to make a home more attractive to buyers, and one way to do so is to have a pre-sale or pre-listing inspection. This is becoming an increasingly popular tool for sellers and real estate listing agents.

Sarah Menke, ReMax Real Estate says, “A Pre-Listing inspection is worth its weight in gold. Even though it is paid by and performed for the seller, it becomes a huge benefit for everyone involved in the real estate transaction.”

Actual inspection is not a substitute for inspections performed by the buyer or lender before purchasing a home, but is performed to give the seller a report on the present condition of the home and its components.

Menke went on to say, “There are a increasing number of sellers that are looking into in pre-listing inspections so they do not waste time at the end of the transaction only to find they could have had many matters resolved at the very beginning. Many customers feel that a pre-listing inspection is more of a must than a luxury.”

The benefits of pre-sale inspections and valuations include:

Providing the seller with certain options, by identifying issues early on in the sales process which allows sufficient time to bid on repairs and provide verification that any issues have been resolved. It should be noted that sellers are not obligated or required to make the repairs.

Saving the seller and the real estate listing agent the necessary time and remove the stress, as pre-listing inspections can remove negative inspection reports ordered by the potential buyer, and reduce the chances that the buyer’s inspector will discover a major defect that could delay or even kill the sale. Identifying any problems early on can make it easier to prepare the house for sale.

It is easier to market the property, as many real estate agents highlight the fact that the home has already had a pre-sale inspection, and this can give prospective buyers a higher opinion of the property.

The pre-sale home inspection service has provided exceptional results.